Monday, May 7, 2018

A Taste of Hawai‘i Ranch Life

Photo by Lee Neal
Aikane Plantation Coffee Company's Coffee and Cattle Day drew much appreciation for Kaʻū Coffee growing and ranch life during the tenth Kaʻū Coffee Festival on Friday, May 4.

Owners Merle and Phil Becker Merle and Phil Becker spoke of the history of their coffee growing journey that dates back to 1894, when Merle’s great grandfather “Papa” J.C. Searle planted his first crop of coffee in Ka’ū. Searle’s coffee “became very popular and received many favorable comments from the local media,” however due to the competing sugar industry he was unable to continue his efforts.

Over 100 years later, Aikane Plantation Coffee Company was established by his great-granddaughter. The Beckers believe that this combined with the fact that their coffee is grown exclusively in Ka’ū, creates the perfect blend of richness and flavor.

During the event, attendees took a tractor driven hay bale ride through the ranch and investigated the coffee plantation. They also enjoyed a large BBQ buffet, complete with Ka‘ū Coffee.

Photos by Fern Gavelek
Aikane Plantation often represents Kaʻū at Ag Day at the Hawaiʻi Legislature and the annual Made in Hawai‘i Show in Honolulu. The coffee farm supports two families who sell the Aikane brand at farmers markets and other locales on O‘ahu. The brand also has a strong market in Japan, the Beckers said.

Both Beckers are frequent volunteers at the Kaʻū Coffee Festival Hoʻoaluleʻa information booth. Phil is President of Kaʻū Farm Bureau.

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