Monday, May 7, 2018

Night Skies of Ka‘ū

Photo by Andrew Hara

Photo by Fern Gavelek
Ka‘ū Coffee Mill's Ka‘ū Star Gazing event on Friday, May 4, brought attendees to the summit of Makanau, a place of historical and cultural significance in Hawai‘i. From this vantage point, a vast open view of agricultural ranch lands of grassy fields and brush filled lava plains, along with a glistening coastline in its raw natural beauty can be appreciated. Mauka (towards the mountain), further up the slopes of Mauna Loa, one can see an extensive stretch of dark green native rainforest. Pāhala and the surrounding coffee and macadamia nut orchards can also be seen in the distance.

An hour into their experience, attendees are welcomed to sit and observe the skies make a glorious shift in color as sunset falls. As one might imagine, the wild landscapes below create a night sky unmarred by city lights, making every star clear and bright on a cloudless night. The milky way can be explored and absorbed in its full glory from this grassy hilltop in Ka‘ū.

In addition to stories about the land and star gazing information, the event offers telescopes and laser pointers to help navigate the night skies. Light refreshments and beverages are also provided.

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